August 2018

Maximiliansforum Munich
Habibi Dome Collective Initiatives

With the Habibi Dome Franziska Wirtensohn and Michael Wittmann created a spatial sculpture that can react to different places and social and cultural contexts.The modular architecture is based on Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic Dome and becomes a flexible as well as a symbolic cover for an art project focusing on artistic cooperation, complicity, collective...

July 2018
Munich Obersendling
POP-UP Structure
In Obersendling Habibi Dome serves as a modular, spatial (triangular) structure, as a flexible construction. The temporary “pop up” structure is meeting point, platform for workshops...
June 2018
Munich Schwanthalerhöhe
Köskival Open Structure
Open Structure is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the designer Roubs Style and the artist duo Franziska Wirtensohn and Michael Wittmann.It is a contribution to the Köskival 2018, a annually celebration for an open minded, colorful Munich of the Kösk, a district cultural center in Munich. Invited are always all local residents as well as everyone interested...
Habibi Dome at Habibi.Works

The project Habibi Dome was created through collaboration and collective thinking and led to a building.

People generate access to knowledge sharing and to social participation through artistic, collective and architectural methods. Everyone should gain this in a process at eye-level...


Contact: Franziska Wirtensohn, Michael Wittmann