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Habibi Dome

Habibi Dome is a collective process in at eye-level and across borders.


People, fleeing their home countries and arriving into Northern Greece develop a building together with experts and people from all over the world.

The geodesic dome by Richard Buckminster Fuller is online and accessible to everyone nowadays. Taking and developing this open structure is used as a statement as well as an image: An image for collaboration across borders where people act collectively and self-determined.


The resulting room is used for learning and teaching, for inviting friends, for meeting, gathering and discussing, as well as for making music and for concerts. The building measures 6 meters in its diameter and 3 meters in its height and is still in use in Katsikas.

The primary target of the project Habibi Dome is to empower people to access knowledge sharing and to generate social participation. Everyone should gain this in a self-determined and collective process.

Where and Who?

The project Habibi Dome was realised from November 2016 until July 2017 in the intercultural, open workshop Habibi.Works in Katsikas near Ioannina in Northern Greece.

It is a project by Ahmad Aljuda Zidane, Ala’Aldin, Florian Horsch, Qussai, Franziska Wirtensohn,  Michael Wittmann,

and the team of Habibi.Works.

Made in
In the broadly equipped, open workshop Habibi.Works urgently needed things get...

The project Habibi Dome was created through collaboration and collective thinking and led to a building. People generate access to knowledge sharing and...

Habibi Dome is based on a collective process at eye-level. Intensions bring meaning and purpose to collective actions...
After having completed the room in July 2017 the beginning of the common use was celebrated with an opening concert...
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