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München Maximiliansforum

Habibi Dome - Collective Initiatives

With the Habibi Dome Franziska Wirtensohn and Michael Wittmann created a spatial sculpture that can react to different places and social and cultural contexts.

The modular architecture is based on Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic Dome and becomes a flexible as well as a symbolic cover for an art project focusing on artistic cooperation, complicity and collective action not only in the field of art.

Open Source models provide the framework for an involvement at the intersection of art, society and technology.

Being room for best practice examples the art project also is an open platform and workshop space.


The project started in Greece with the idea of creating a self-determined space together with refugees in the open workshop Habibi.Works. In a second part in collaboration with the designer Roubs Style at the Kösk in Munich, the spatial sculpture became a symbol for an open society.

In cooperation with an art seminar of Wittelsbacher Gymnasium, with residents of an so-called accommodation for refugees and with the werkraum of the Hans Sauer Foundation the Habibi Dome turned then to a Pop Up structure for a temporary concert hall moving to different places in the city.

Finally in the MaximiliansForum the connecting elements of all these projects associated with the Habibi Dome are exhibited and discussed as a collection of principles of applied social art. The events, workshops and talks focus on the topics of working together at eye level, collective strategies and Open Source – as free access to information, education and technology .

More informations available about the project and the events on


A project funded by Kulturreferat München (Culture Department of the City Munich),

in cooperation with the MaximiliansForum München.

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