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Munich Schwanthalerhöhe

Köskival - Open Structure

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Open Structure is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the designer Roubs Style and the artist duo Franziska Wirtensohn and Michael Wittmann.

It is a contribution to the Köskival 2018, a annually celebration for an open minded, colorful Munich of the Kösk, a district cultural center in Munich. Invited are always all local residents as well as everyone interested not only from Munich.


Construction parts to be flexibly assembled get combined with a variety of fabrics, amongst others from Senegal. Consisting of a network of many triangles the spatial structure forms an image for collective processes and provides an opportunity to reflect on forms of collaboration and participation in our society.

As a colorful, utopian cosmos for an open minded Munich Open Structure is part of the parade from Sendlinger Tor to the Kösk München on June 6th. Then during the Köskival the structure is utilizable for every visitor as a meeting place, as a location to exchange and stay and especially as a stage.

The dome construction put together through a multitude of triangles according to Buckminster Fuller´s Geodesic Dome is nowadays freely available online. It spans the front court of the Kösk as a central symbol for exchange and openness.

Open Structure is intended to be a construction kit to function as a common studio for meeting, discussing , cooking, eating and making music together.

It invites everyone.


A project funded by Kulturreferat München (Culture Department of the City Munich),

in cooperation with the Kösk München.

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