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A essential part of shared, collective processes in groups consist in dissolving the competition against each other. The own ideas and the own artistic expression should be provided for all team members with the purpose is to developed these ideas further colelctively. This purose bases of course on reciprocal treatment and requires trust in one another.

In participative, collective projects you work together with with interest groups in a very specific situation at a selected location and in consideration of a certain topic. Everyone who becomes part of the group is really seen without any ecxeption as an individual with an own history, an untouchable dignity and an own will that is to respect.  

Everyone should get the chance to find one’s place in society. Habibi Dome is neither a private work space nor a private housing space, but a place where new things can arise.

Wie wird der Raum abgedeckt
3a Am Lasercutter
4c Franziska am Schweissen
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