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in fact, this task with our friends was a challenge for all of us. First, we provided all the materials and made plans, which of course, over and over again, were adapted and slightly changed throughout the project. We calculated everything necessary, took the measurements and began to cut and weld the metal parts to make the metal connections. Having many years of experience, it was up to me to supervise the correct realization of all work steps.

And indeed, we mastered the first step, and the dome construction was completed. In the second step we made an accurately fitting wood covering to get the room waterproof. The wooden house is really great. After all these diferent steps, we finally covered the large surfaces and found a solution where windows and doors should be.

The floor of our room has become very solid. I put a lot of effort into building it and made sure that the foundation worked really well.

Sometimes we operated day and night, sometimes only for two or three hours. And my friends, Qussai, Ahmad, Michael and Franziska and I will continue to work on.

This work was really wonderful and astonishing for me. There were different opinions, together they led to a result. I wish this project would never end.

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