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Zidane Aljuda

Before we began building this room [for learning], I was governed by a sense of lethargy and passivity. Taking part in our project I could defend myself against this feeling. From the beginning I was interested in this project, because it provided support for all refugees and benefitted them all. The result was a room, a room for learning, for music, but also useful as an accommodation for overnight. The whole project was a challenge for me and my friends. But we gave everything and manufactured all the necessary components with the machines and tools available in Habibi.Works.

You think self-organised, participate and create something that is available without charge for all people arrived in Greece who need such a room. During the project, I started to think and to work with others in a different way. It's great to work together and support each other. We were like a family, Aladin, Franzi, Michi, Qussai and me.

One thought at the end: You should not stamp things before, you should try them out. And if you do something that is important to you, you can create incredible things.

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