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Habibi Dome is based on a collective process at eye-level. Intensions bring meaning and purpose to collective actions. At the beginning of a project a goal as well as a plan is formulated in order to express oneself, to solve an excising problem or to improve something in one’s own situation. People on-site have decided to build a room to learn or to meet there for different occasions and events. In a broader sense the objective is to achieve self-determination, application of one’s own abilities and access to public life in society.

All participating people are equally entitled to get involved in the project. A context has to be set to enable everyone to drive the process forward with his ideas and skills. And the decisions made in the team and the done work steps are made comprehensible for all involved people and thus made repeatable and applicable.

4 a digitale Steuerung
3d Modellbau
3e fertiges, zusammengestecktes Modell
4b Schweissen an der Form
5c Plaene, Modell und endgueltige Verbindung
5b erste fertige Verbindung
20 letzte Feinarbeiten mit der Flex
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