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Step 2

Planing and building a sacle model

After having formulated goals and intentions the team began to plan the next precise work steps. With positive energy, a lot ofanticipation and captivating euphoria the realization of the project was started. The motto was proclaimed:

"We need a room? Let`s build a room! "

The production of a scale model (1:10) was a first important intermediate step. To build the model, a digital drawing was created on the computer. Then the seperate parts were cut out of a wooden plate with a laser cutter and finally the model was assembled.

With the model it was possible to verify the previously calculated angles of the corner connections and the length of the edges. Furthermore the model enabled every participant to understand the construction, making it comprehensible and therefore accessible to own ideas. The sometimes very complex three-dimensional coherences could be made accesible in this way.

There hasn’t been one language spoken by everyone. Some spoke Arabic, but not everyone, others spoke English, German, French or Farsi. Thus the model established a basis for communication and exchange across language barriers.

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