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Step 5


The completion of the basic construction arouse joy, relief and confidence for all participants. This was the reward for three weeks of hard work developed collectively. Many people climbed onto the construction to pose for a photograph and by the way they demonstrated its load-carrying capacity.

The next task was turn the hemispherical construction into a usable room for meeting, inviting guests, or learning.

The building had to meet the demands and had to offer a pleasant room climate. After careful considerations and different trials participating people decided to cover the construction with wood. Wood and not just foil or tarpaulin could give the dome a welcome appearance in addition to its inspiring shape. To ensure resistance to weathering and rain, two layers of wood with a waterproof plastic foil in between were installed. The wood paneling was made out of separate wooden planks. When measuring, sawing and screwing hundreds of planks on that lot of triangles everybody realized once again: By working together you get along faster and you can grow about common experiences and accomplishments.

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