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The project Habibi Dome was created through collaboration and collective thinking and led to a building.

People generate access to knowledge sharing and to social participation through artistic, collective and architectural methods. Everyone should gain this in a process at eye-level and in self responsibility. The principle of the geodesic dome by Richard Buckminster Fuller nowadays online and accessible to everyone was to function as a basic structure for our room and as an image for collaboration, a collaboration across borders.

The project Habibi Dome was led by two main questions:

What are the interests of the participating people? Further: How could people fleeing their home countries and arriving into Northern Greece improve their situations? And people participating developed the plan to build a room for learning as well as for gathering and meetings. As the idea of a round shape already existed and everybody was enthusiastic about the geodesic dome, the team decided to build a dome as an inspiring and inviting room. According to the idea of Habibi.Works the main aim was to empower people to act self-determined and self organized, at least within this project.

The dome with a diameter of 6 meters and a height of 3 meters was planned, designed and built by a core team around three Syrians, of course extended by a lot of other participants in all steps of the project. Focus was put on the fact that the collective process always was at eye level. A context was created to enable every participant to have equal access to the project and to bring in his talent.

The project empowered everyone who took part in the project, and continues to do so today. It shows, if people from different (cultural) backgrounds bring in their talents, it is constructive and enriching for every project and continually benefits society.

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