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The non-govermental organization Soup&Socks is a “friendly society consiting of young adults who are willing to provide their time and energy without payment in order to support people arriving at the European border on their flight.“ Basic attitude thereby is: “We firmly believe that a national border should not be a border for the search of security and dignified living conditions.“

Another essential principle is: “The humans arriving in Europe can be an enrichment for our societies. At the moment only the political will is missing to set up structures to make this possible. What politics is unwilling to do will now be shared with people: Developing solutions instead of infectually waiting for solutions, that’s the goal.”

“For this reason we have initiated the project Habibi.Works after our first two tours where we provided food and clothes for all the humans concerned. With our commitment we set on the one side  a sign of silidarity considering the disastrous situation along the european borders. On the other side we provide practical support where the european politics refuse to take responsibility for long-term solutions.“


“In addition to the direct support on-site we put emphasis to inform in Germany about the true conditions at the borders. Through our assignment we have the possibility to share immediate impressions and insights and to comment critically.“



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Soup&Socks e.V.

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