Habibi.Works was initiated by the NGO "Soup and Socks" and is an open workshop, a Fab.Lab in a 700 square meter hall to support people fleeing their home countries and arriving in Katsikas, Northern Greece. "Habibi.Works epitomizes the idea of do-it-yourself - and not only do-it-yourself, but also do-it-together: A workshop for freedom is being set up near a refugee camp in Katsikas, Greece. With a kitchen, a workshop for metal, wood and screen printing, with sewing machines, laser cutters, 3-D printers, laptops and more, the freedom to create and to make independent decision is partly regained. Talented people from the camp and keen professionals from Greece and from all over the world not only develop concepts and ideas, but also generate new perspectives."

In order to produce or repair objects that contribute to increase the quality of everyday life and above all for the sake of their freedom of creation and decision, people on their now living in Katsikas are invited to work actively and creatively. But – very important – not only they are cordially invited, but also Greeks and all people with interest and experts from all over Europe and the world.




Contact: Franziska Wirtensohn, Michael Wittmann